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So much for writing everyday, but I do have a good excuse. I have been working out like crazy, AND it’s been at least 80+, so when it’s that hot and you live at the beach, that’s where you go. Planning on going again today, only taking the time to do this since Lilly is taking an ever so rare nap, must be the heat. Anyways, update on potty training, in case anybody cares. Lilly peed on the potty for the first time! I’ve started my method, sit her on the potty, bare bottomed, then read her like 10 potty training books, eventually she’ll go. And she did, after the first book! It wasn’t a total success though, because as soon as I noticed she had started, I got so excited for her, that she stopped….grumble…then got off the potty emptied the rest of her bladder on the couch…yay? not at all. The method is now read her all her potty books on the potty 3x a day, first thing in the morning, after lunch, and before bed. I can’t think of anything more interesting to say, all this heat must have fried my brain. Actually one last note, how is it that I can still get a sun burn when I’m wearing and constantly reapplying spf 50? My scalp is by far the worst, at the part of my bangs, I’m peeling, so now I look like a little snowed on tomato, my scalp matches my hair color! BUT, even that can’t stop me from taking my daughter out and having fun with her! Anyways, I’m done. For now.


So at this point I’m going to ATTEMPT to blog everyday, but with all the stuff that I do during the day who knows? The title relates to my first attempt at a real blog, as well as my first attempt to really potty train Lilly. Any sincere advice is welcome. So for the last two days, while at home I have let Lilly run around with nothing on her bottom. The only result I get is her peeing on the floor. Even when I have her sit on the potty every 20min, she waits till shes off to go pee on the kitchen floor. I have no idea what I’m doing. I put 9books on potty training waiting for me at the library. I’m hoping that if all I do with her is read potty training books that she’ll get more interested. She understands what the potty is, and says she doesn’t want to wear a daiper anymore, she wants wear big girl panties, but she still wants to pee in those. Oh well, maybe slow and wobbly will eventually get us to the finish line.

On another note, something that Lilly is excelling in is sign language. I’ve been using a book that my stepmom got her, and she’s picking it u quite well, even her speech therapist says so. The speech therapist is going to start signing with us more because she picks it up so quickly.  I dont want it to be something that she just uses as a baby(toddler now), I want er to become bilingual with sign, eventually trilingual if we can get some spanish in there, which I know will be helpfu gorwing up in this area. Hopefully in teaching her, I will be able to learn as well, because as much as I’m doing this for her I;m doing this for me, too. As far as Lilly’s progress in the English language, her speech therapist says she is making “leaps and bounds” learning a new word almost everyday and starting to use three word sentances. Oe thing that I’m really proud of her for, especially with mine and my dad’s ability go, is well she knows her numbers, she recognizes them and can count to five. I attribute this to my families genetics and her medications. That’s one thing we are really repetative with, is counting out pills for her, how many cans of pediasure go into her bag for her feeding tube, how long it takes to put her liquid medications into he button, all it we count out, which makes me kinda glad that she has to do it all the time. Her area of expertise, she can count better than her best friend who has the language skills of a 4 year old at 2 1/2 years. I’m such a proud mommy :-D. I guess that’s all for now.
P.S. Why in the world is it so cold and windy outside, and how is going to rebound and supposedly be 90degrees in two days? I hope the weather people are right on that one.

Keeping the generic title. So this is my first REAL blog, something aside from the twitter and the myspace, a place for me to just write about my day, my life, a place to well, blog! So I started this because I want to get back to writing, like I used to when I was a teen where I would scribble out pages upon pages for no reason. I have never been one with any sort of talent in the music category, but I’ve been told I have a way of making the words on paper(in this case, on screen) turn into my own sort of music. If you’ve reached my page, it’s either because you have way too much time on your hands, or I invited you, and to you all, I hope that what I write entices you and leaves you wanting to read more, and if not, I hope at least my parents will read this. So to all who get this far, thank you for your time.



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